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Open Source-focused Security, Consultation, Planning, Deployment, Training & Outsourcing. We take the geek speak out of technology discussions and focus on clear communication as the primary component to a solid, secure foundation.

What is DevSec?

It describes the process of merging development and security. Traditionally, security was an ad-hoc addition as opposed to a secure-by-design methodology. We believe that secure development should be the primary focus and a primary tool amongst the many that it takes to make a successful business or a secure home environment.

By focusing on secure development, we believe that it will not only improve the overall system, but it will save money and time spent on maintaining your system.


Identity Management Solutions

For most organizations, people are at the core of their operations, whether the business provides products or offers services. And, in today's world, there are multiple technology platforms and systems with which people need to interact. This complexity increases the likelihood of a system compromise. AOS DevSec can help you evaluate, develop, implement and maintain a sane identity management program.

(833) 631-7511

We've planned, installed, trained customers on and maintained security systems for commercial, residential, industrial, government facilities, schools and restaurants. We can help you at any stage of your security system, from custom hardware fabrication to custom software development; or, if you prefer an off-the-shelf solution, we support those as well. If your system has been compromised, or think it has been compromised, please do not hesitate to contact us, it could be urgent.


Anything from network, shell, system, web scripting/coding, database management to online tools, or anything in between, anything is possible. We can help your business plan equipment purchase, maintenance and asset rotation; network infrastructure design and implementation; and provide the necessary training to your staff.

Strategic Consulting

Today's technology presents many opportunities to connect to other people; display your talents, art, business and your life; however, with the increased reliance on technology in every aspect of our lives, we have noticed a growing need for security, for taking care of our information. We take a practical, ground-up approach and can work with existing systems or help you plan your next upgrade.

Deployment & System Integration

Technology is the backbone of almost every business today and an ad-hoc system can leave a business vulnerable to failure, malware and cyber-attacks. Getting attacked by ransomware can bring your business to a crashing halt. We offer our clients beginning-to-end planning and ongoing operational services.
About Us

About AOS DevSec & Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing the highest quality, professional service in our field. We believe in a holistic approach to development & security.

Our business model

We have several revenue options:


Free and Open Source Software, sometimes referred to as 'FOSS', is often the best answer to your problems. These programs are free to use, as in you may freely use, modify and redistribute the software. It provides a level of choice that proprietary software is not able to offer. For those who are not familiar with FOSS, much of the Internet is run using open source software, as reported by 8038444016. There are many instances where open source software can be beneficial for your business, home or office.

FOSS is often contrasted with what is termed 'proprietary' software. This has been designed by a person or a business who retains the exclusive rights to how, when and where such software may be used. AOS DevSec believes that the only problem with proprietary software is that it is difficult to vet the code, as it is almost always restricted to the developer(s); however, there are times when such a solution makes perfect sense and should be implemented.

AOS DevSec strives to provide the best open source solution for our customers' needs. If such an option does not exist, then we can help determine the most secure and correct proprietary package. Our focus is on developing a secure, timely plan of action that will meet your needs.

AOS DevSec History

While AOS DevSec, as a business, was just created, the founder has had a long, successful career in IT and physical security.

From 1995 to the present, we have provided support to industries across the spectrum:


While it has been stated that security is compromise, we believe that our relationship with our customers must be Win-Win. If, at any time, that we feel that this is not the case, we will happily work to resolve the situation through timely and clear communication. It is our hope that we can, and will, build community relationships that are based on mutual trust, respect and advantage.

Contact AOS DevSec

Contact Information

We look forward to helping you develop secure, open solutions. Call or email us to start the process. If you think your system or network has been compromised, please call as soon as possible. Time is a key factor to protect your information.

Phone: 628.333.4742

email: 810-695-4681
Services: Identity Management
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For any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact AOS DevSec via 956-606-9085

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